Walking Rugby

Walking Rugby is the fastest growing version of rugby with new clubs springing up all over the country. This simplified version of rugby is played by people of any age but is
particularly suitable for people 40 years + and there is no upper age limit - many
participants are over retirement age. People of all genders and abilities can play and it is a great way to regain and or maintain fitness, players include former rugby players, those recovering from injury or illness and those completely new to the game.

It’s a very low impact passing game where the emphasis is on passing and tactics not

There are:
• no tackles, these are replaced with a two handed touch (not a push)
• no running just walk
• no scrummages, simple ‘no jump’ line out
• no diving to the ground - just walk over the line with the ball to score
• above all it great fun

Walking Rugby is a real leveler and you do not need great strength, or to be fit to start, but most people find walking rugby will contribute to their fitness. You do need some mobility, a sense of humour and desire to be part of a team.

No special equipment needed just trainers or suitable boots, leggings/shorts, tee
shirt/sweat shirt and some drinking water.

If you have any significant medical conditions check with your doctor first.

For those who would like to know more, come along, bring some friends and have a try it out.

We have detailed procedures to cope with Covid 19 - these conform with HMG and RFU

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Walking Rugby - First Training Session (

Training Times:

Amesbury RFC Walking Rugby play at Century Park, 10.45 on Tuesday mornings and 6pm on Thursday evenings.

Walking Rugby - First Training Session (
Walking Rugby - First Training Session (
Walking Rugby - First Training Session (