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HALF Term - TAG Rugby CAMP

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In conjunction with District Sports South, Amesbury Rugby Club are pleased to announce we are offering a Tag Rugby Camp on Wednesday 2nd June 2021 run by fully qualified coaches.

We only have limited places available so please book your place as soon as you can.

If after attending the Tag Rugby Camp you would like your child to join Amesbury Rugby Club then please register your interest here.

We are looking to add new-age groups to our club offering but this will depend on the level of interest in each group so please help us plan by letting us know you might be interested.

Who can attend:

The tag rugby club is open to boys and girls aged 6 to 11. If your child is only 5 but interested in attending then please enquire using the enquiry form below and we will let you know if spaces will be available.


The cost of the day is £20 per child 

The early bird rate is £15 for all bookings up to the 26th May 2021. 


We also recognise some families might have more than one child wanting to attend so we offer a sibling discount of £35 for two with an early bird rate of £28.00 for two children up to the 26th May. 


Amesbury Rugby Club, Centenary Pavillion, Archers Way, Archers Gate. The carpark is just beyond the Evergreen Cafe.

Type Amesbury Rugby Club in to google maps and it will show you where we are. Alternatively copy this location code below into Google to find us on Google maps:

Location code = 566H+FP Salisbury


Registration will be from 9:40am. Please come and register your child in person.

Tag rugby start 10am 

Tag rugby ends 3pm 


Children need to bring their own packed lunch and snacks. Please do not include any fizzy drinks. Water, and plenty of it is the best thing


Suitable clothing and footwear for running around playing tag and also for the conditions. Please ensure children have suitable clothing for the weather ie hot or raining. The day will still go ahead if it is raining.


If it is a sunny day then please ensure your children have suncream. Children will be required to apply their own suncream.


Children are to bring along any required medication (inhalers or epipens etc with clear directions for usage. Parents will need to state if children have any allergies / medical conditions on booking.



There is parking available for drop-off and collection. 

The day will be spent outside but toilets will be available and a gazebo to provide shelter for bags and lunch etc.


If you would like to book places then please register via the link below which takes you to District Sport South booking page.


If you have any questions then please us the general enquiries contact form on the Contacts page