Amesbury RFC
Rugby CAMPs

We want to offer rugby to as many young children and teenagers from across our local community as we can. Occasionally we will run a range of events to introduce various ages to the game of rugby through tag for ages 6 to 11 or touch rugby for ages 12 to 16.

If your children, boys and girls, would be interested in trying out rugby to see if they enjoy it, then please go ahead and register your interest using the form below.

We are not able to offer rugby to all ages just yet as we don't have the coaches and first aiders but registering your interest will help guide us as to next priorities.

If you as a parent would like to get involved in the club and helping us run training, provide team admin or putting on the kettle then add a note in the form too.

Amesbury RFC Tag Rugby Camp (13).jpg


Amesbury Rugby Club, Centenary Pavillion, Archers Way, Archers Gate. The carpark is just beyond the Evergreen Cafe.

Type Amesbury Rugby Club in to google maps and it will show you where we are. Alternatively copy this location code below into Google to find us on Google maps:

Location code = 566H+FP Salisbury



There is parking available for drop-off and collection. 

The day will be spent outside but toilets will be available and a gazebo to provide shelter for bags and lunch etc.


If you have any questions then please us the general enquiries contact form on the Contacts page