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Amesbury Rugby Club wants to earn the right to call itself a community club. 

We aim to have players boys, girls, men and women of all ages from across our community playing rugby with everything from Walking & touch rugby through to the full contact version. A rugby club needs a host of volunteers to fulfil lots of roles and this helps people from across the community geet involved in a club environment if they wish without having any previous experience of playing rugy.

The future players of the club go to the local schools and so we are working to build meaningful relationships with the schools in Amesbury and neighbouring towns so that we can add to the school sport curriculum and provide additional sports activity after school including weekends and holidays.

Since we set up we have attended the Amesbury Town Carnival and we also get involved in fund raising for local charities and we will continue to do this over the coming years.

Our ambition is to find a long term home for the club and we are in constant dialogue with both the Wiltshire County Council and our own local Amesbury Town Council to try and find an option that will allow us to expand our offering to support the needs from across the local community.

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